Why Do Welding Rods Need to Be Heated?

Why welding rods need to be heated before welding

Do you get frustrated when you see your weld come out like Swiss cheese (with porous texture)? And you were wondering what the problem is? Well, the answer is quite simple—you forgot to heat the rod before welding.  Wait, why do welding rods need to be heated if the welding process creates heat anyway?  That’s … Read more

How to Hook up Stick Welding Leads

how to hook up stick welding leads

I was always struggling with how to properly hook up stick welding leads to the welder. Should you connect the ground lead to the welder’s negative terminal or the positive one? Where should the electrode lead go? One can just make things as complicated as he wants. Many people get confused while understanding the connections … Read more

How to Prevent Welding Rod Sticking to The Metal

prevent welding rod sticking to the metal

It’s just bound to happen! At some point in your welding career, this is a rookie mistake that could happen to anybody. But, have you ever thought the reason behind the welding rod sticking to metal? Here’s briefly why… Arc welding rod sticks to the parent metal due to low amperage values (Low current). Although … Read more

Can You Weld Pot Metal?

welding pot metal using tig welder is possible

Welding pot metal is a topic that only a few individuals believe. Yes, the other percentage can achieve, but the quality of what they can do is a big question. Let’s look carefully at this subject so you can genuinely tell if it is hard work, or it is just the mentality of some welders. … Read more